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The Secret Behind This Video Clip

January 19, 2020

I haven’t told anyone until now the truth underneath that helmet and behind the calm and measured saunter seen in this video…

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Planning for 2020

January 5, 2020

I’m paraphrasing an old Yiddish proverb here but if you want to make the Universe laugh then tell it your plans.

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2019 in Review

December 31, 2019

Anyone else think 2019 felt longer than than it should have?

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End of Year Rant 2019

December 30, 2019

I’m tired…

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REVIEW – The Mandalorian (Season 1)

December 28, 2019

After a somewhat lacklustre premiere, The Mandalorian quickly turned out the be a fantastic and fun action-adventure series, which harkens back to such shows from the 1990’s. Oh you thought I was going to invoke old westerns or “Lone Wolf and Cub”? Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll get to that. SPOILERS AHEAD!!

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