Sunday Sermon

My Convention Life

September 2, 2018

This sermon, the first of a three-part series, was originally published on Facebook in August 2016. My journey into cosplay began before I even knew the term “cosplay”. Along with my other hobbies at the time such as painting and building poker tables, it was an addition to my range of creative outlets. When I […]

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From a Cosplay Judge’s Perspective

July 15, 2018

Originally posted on Facebook on March 21 2017 It was around this time last year I gave a detailed primer about the Ins & Outs of Cosplay Competitions based on my own experiences as a contestant, later as a judge, and from what I’ve learned from judging alongside some of the best in the business. […]

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The Mid-Year Rant 2018

July 9, 2018

These rants are all about the stuff that annoy me during the year that either don’t deserve their own sermon or I haven’t yet figured out how to expand what I need to say in a dedicated write-up. From pissy trivial stuff to really evil and potentially damaging, this is where shit floats to the […]

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Cosplay Accuracy VS Racism

June 25, 2018

Originally, I wanted to save some of this for a video series I have in the works about diversity and representation in the media we consume but a recent photo popped up in my newsfeed last week that really needed my two cents. This is racism.

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“Am I good enough?” – Dealing with self-esteem

May 27, 2018

Originally posted on Facebook ~ 14 February 2016 here. It may come as a surprise to a lot of people but I’ve spent many years dealing with low self-esteem. It’s not been a constant struggle like one may assume, it comes and goes. But it’s a battle I’ve fought to varying degrees of success.

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