AVCon 2019

This year’s AVCon – Anime and Video Games Festival was my eleventh time attending the event. For the 2019 festival I was given a complimentary weekend pass by a member of the AVCon elect to… basically do this.

More Than Meets the Eye: Character Design PART 2

The recent E3 conference in Los Angeles showed off a fair few new games and titles (and not so new games and titles) that made fans both excited and hesitant, as well as solidified a big name Hollywood actor’s career renaissance into the meme-o-sphere. I…

SPOILER TALK – Avengers: Endgame

It’s been at least a few weekends since Avengers: Endgame premiered to the world and I’ve wanted the chance to talk about this movie in a greater detail. In this write-up I’ll be going through my personal highlights and favourite moments as well address a few criticisms the internet is fixating on.

Gatekeeping and “Geek Mythology”

No matter the positive progress and how far we’ve come, there’s always someone fighting against it. And the same shitty elements keep repeating, sometimes a little more aggressively, as a reaction to said progress.