Locked out!

An international competition, featuring contestants from all around the world, and yet the official stream was region locked. Yeah that pissed me off.

Derailing the hype-train

Back in 1999 I was in year 11 of high school. I recall sitting in design class late one afternoon when a friend enthusiastically rushed up to me asking if I had seen The Matrix yet? I hadn’t but I surprisingly wasn’t in any rush to do so. For months the ads on TV were droning the same line over and over again, “No one can be told what The Matrix is”, which was the tantalising mystery at the centre of the movie as well as its marketing.

Old Trenchy’s Cosplay Trivia

I actually did this on my Instagram Stories the other night and thought I’d expand on them a little bit here… If you haven’t seen it yet (and why not unless you’re trying to hurt my feelings?) my new 2019 show reel went up over…

The Cosplay Fallacy?

I understand the need for a good rant. I do it all the time, I even encourage the necessity to vent one’s emotions as a means to process. But not all rants are created equal and not all brain snaps are very thoughtful.