VIDEO – Showreel 2020

January 31, 2020

I like being creative. I like to design and make things. I cosplay and I collect stuff. I also write, take photos, and produce videos capturing all the fun!

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VIDEO – More Toy Hunting Around Adelaide – JAN 2020

January 28, 2020

Catching up with the gang for the very first toy hunt around Adelaide for 2020.

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January 25, 2020

The long-awaited Star Trek: Picard has finally premiered worldwide and I must say what a fantastic return for the good captain.

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VIDEO: 5 Favourite & 5 Frustrating Toy Buys 2019

I had a very fruitful 2019 when it came to cool and awesome toy finds. Plenty of favourite additions and acquisitions but also there were some frustrating and underwhelming purchases too.

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The Secret Behind This Video Clip

January 19, 2020

I haven’t told anyone until now the truth underneath that helmet and behind the calm and measured saunter seen in this video…

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