VIDEO – Free Comic Book Day 2019

Every year, on the first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day around the world, celebrating reading and the art of comics as well as all things geeky! As always we enjoyed the day in Rundle Mall moving between the different comic shops and…

Gatekeeping and “Geek Mythology”

No matter the positive progress and how far we’ve come, there’s always someone fighting against it. And the same shitty elements keep repeating, sometimes a little more aggressively, as a reaction to said progress.

REVIEW – Avengers: Endgame (NO SPOILERS)

If you take all of my excitement, all my energy, all my anticipation, combine that with my criticisms and nitpicks with this movie, then wrap it all up in a blanket of contentment, that would be how I feel about Avengers: Endgame.

VIDEO – Adelaide Comic & Toy Fair ~ April 2019

Despite being busy I was able to whip up this brief video of the Adelaide Comic & Toy Fair. It doesn’t quite capture the entirety of the event but does offer a glimpse into what’s on offer at these sorts of events.

Locked out!

An international competition, featuring contestants from all around the world, and yet the official stream was region locked. Yeah that pissed me off.