What do you want out of Cosplay?

In my video a couple of weeks ago I attempted to lay out a broad, simple, and importantly inclusive, definition for cosplay. It was a way for new people to get a basic understanding of what all the fuss is about as well as a reminder for “veterans” to go back and remember their own motivations for taking up the hobby.

This week I want to briefly dig a little deeper into the motivation and the reasons people decide to dress up, what potentially drives us but I want to (at least attempt to) be a little more direct about it.

Now we’re all aware of the usual responses when asked why people get in to cosplay or what do they enjoy about cosplay but you’ll note that in my video I didn’t ask why people cosplay? I was very specific in my wording to ask “What is it you want from this?” Continue reading “What do you want out of Cosplay?”

Inside the pop-culture bubble

It’s a good time to be a geek!

Superhero films and Stars Wars are topping the box office, high-end toys and merch are being made for the adult collectors, pop-culture conventions are popping up everywhere (well almost), and the things we grew up with are being served up to us with a piping hot side of nostalgia.

At some point in the last 15 years or so marketing execs noticed “Oh yeah, geeks have money now!”

Being catered to for the things we love and enjoy, having it go mainstream and feeling like the stuff we were made to feel bad for liking once upon a time is now accepted by the greater community is a wonderful feeling. Of course your mileage may vary and seeing logos and characters’ faces being slapped on any old bit of pointless product may be a bit much (although not new), it’s a positive step forward for everyone.

Having said that, not everyone has experienced this contrast in pop-culture fandom. Some folks have recently come to the fandoms because of the mainstream attention, others have grown up with all this being “normal”. And I think that’s actually kind of cool because why would you want people to ever feel what it was like “in the trenches” when being bullied about your geeky interests was the norm? Continue reading “Inside the pop-culture bubble”

Plans for 2018

I’m paraphrasing but there’s a quote that says if you want to make the universe laugh then you tell it your plans. So I’m probably tempting fate here…

After the last 24 months I feel as though I’m playing catch up on ideas and plans I’ve had since 2014. A lot has happened in that time and I don’t blame anyone for that but I really need to pull up the socks and try to tick more items of the list.

As is traditional, here are my specific cosplay plans for the year 2018 as well as other ideas and projects I hope to get off the ground over the next 12 months.

Continue reading “Plans for 2018”