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VIDEO – Adelaide Zombie Walk 2019

The final ever Adelaide Zombie Walk… after 10 years of undead hoards roaming the streets of Adelaide for that one day in October, the event now comes to a close.

VIDEO – Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair | OCT 2019

Once again I set up shop at the Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair and it was an amazing day! So many people and so many wonderful toys and collectables. Exhausting as always, I had a lot of stuff to sell off and I did pretty…

AVCon 2019

This year’s AVCon – Anime and Video Games Festival was my eleventh time attending the event. For the 2019 festival I was given a complimentary weekend pass by a member of the AVCon elect to… basically do this.

REVIEW – Gears 5

With the warm up out of the way, Gears 5 absolutely delivers a fantastic and highly-enjoyable sequel. The compelling campaign story is accompanied by wonderful visuals and a new variety of game play mechanics that really revitalises the series.