VIDEO – AVCon 2024 – Anime & Video Games Festival

New venue, new energy!

AVCon 2024, now at the Adelaide Showgrounds, proved to be a roaring success and for the first time in years I felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm for an event I’ve been attending since 2009! I had a great weekend and thank you to everyone who made it such and as always a massive thanks to everyone who participated in my video. Your patience was much appreciated. (And yes, I’m aware I’m using BabyMETAL when the con guest was BabyBEARD but this is the only way I’m getting that earworm out of my system LOL).

For the camera nerds: This was shot on a Sony ZV-E1 with a 16-35mm F4 lens as well as FE 24-240mm lens from the back row. Again going sans DJI Ronin gimbal and hopefully (slowly) getting better without it.

Also check out my mate’s video from the Saturday: Click Here

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