VIDEO – Bringing my OPTIMUS PRIME cosplay out of retirement for Adelaide Oz Comic-Con 2023

I debuted my ‘War for Cybertron’ Optimus Prime cosplay in 2013 and after so many events, repairs, and upgrades over the years I eventually retired him at the end of 2018. But after five years in storage, I realised it was now his 10th anniversary of those first few steps and so I decided to bring the big fella out of retirement just one more time to celebrate his birthday!

Massive thanks to Rowan (¬†@itsameFigaRo¬†), Sean Fewster, and Thorin Black for all their assistance with “wrangling” Optimus on the day. And thank you to everyone at Oz Comic-Con for making Prime’s one-time-only back from retirement party so much fun!

Adelaide Oz Comic-Con 2023 video can be watched here.

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