COSPLAY – “Morning, Chief.”


I did a thing!

Based on a piece by Garth Graham. I wish I didn’t rush this one so much but I just needed to get this out there after the week I’ve had. And this was fun to photograph as well as incorporate my toys into this cosplay shot (that’s a lie – DIY self-photography is a pain in bulky costumes such as Chiefy so LIKE this dammit!  😜 ).

The parts that went into this cosplay photo include: 2 x McFarlane toys, a $2 coffee mug from Savers, a random assortment of long objects and scrap, and 1 sweaty & dishevelled little man.

This was purely for fun, I’m not about to sell any prints HOWEVER if you enjoy ANY of my work then please consider supporting me and contribute to my tip jar at:

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